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OLAE Conference 2018 

"Are We In / Out of Doors?"

13 & 14 Sep 2018

This year, OLAE will host our inaugural OLAE Conference on 13 September 2018. With the theme, “Are We IN or OUT of Doors?”, we challenge practitioners, service providers and other industry stakeholders to re-examine what outdoor learning and adventure education should ‘feel, look and be like’, especially in light of the National Outdoor Education Master Plan, technological disruption and other challenges affecting the industry.

The conference brings together local practitioners from the fields of academic/research, industry and education to share knowledge, competencies and aspirations that will help shape outdoor learning and adventure education in Singapore. 


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Local Practitioners

To feature more local practitioners who can share knowledge from the academic/research, industry and education realms

Keynote Speaker

We will feature our very own outdoor and adventure practitioner, Joanne Soo

Academic / Research 

Be ready to hear from educators from schools as well as Institutes of Higher Learning with research, data that are drawn from the local context


Local practitioners from the industry as well as individuals who have accumulated years of experience.  

Minimal Office

Open Space Technology

Integrating Open Space Technology (OST) as part of the conference with the aim of involving our attendees and inspire change.


“Open Space is the only process that focuses on expanding time and space for the force of self-organisation to do its thing. Although one can't predict specific outcomes, it's always highly productive for whatever issue people want to attend to. Some of the inspiring side effects that are regularly noted are laughter, hard work which feels like play, surprising results and fascinating new questions.”​

Michael M Pannwitz

Open Space practitioner

One of the main draws of OST is that the agenda of the conference is decided by the attendees and not pre-decided by the conference organiser.


To learn more about OST: www.OpenSpaceWorld.ORG

Green House

Zero Waste

We aim for ZERO WASTE in this conference by:


Conference Booklet

Attendees may choose between an electronic or paper version of the conference booklet


We will encourage attendees to bring as many items as possible such as utensils, water bottle, cups, pen and booklets

Gift Items

We will refrain from giving many "gift items" that may be extra for many attendees. Attendees may choose to take a gift item or not

Attendees who take a bus to the conference may receive a gift voucher

Single-use items

Such as banner, signage and backdrop for staging will be minimized


We are providing only 2 tea breaks on 13 September and food items selected require will reduce the need for washing


Keynote Speaker

Ms. Joanne Soo, Director Ace Adventure Expeditions

Joanne is profoundly passionate about mountain climbing. The turning point in her 25 years of climbing was forming the Singapore Women’s Everest Team, Southeast Asia’s first all-women’s team, to summit Mount Everest.

Joanne has led more than 50 expeditions including an all-women’s teams on various trekking expeditions like Everest Base Camp and the tallest peak in Africa - Mt Kilimanjaro. Joanne has also led students on various mountain climbing adventures focusing on leadership and character building.

A sport climbing and abseiling instructor and trained in ice climbing, Joanne is also a certified International Sport Climbing Judge with the International Federation for Sport Climbing Competition (IFSC).

Riding on her climbing experience, Joanne develops adventure programs for educational institutions achieving extraordinary results through teamwork, leadership and personal spirit. She is always keen to share her experience and learnings from all her climbs, she has to date delivered over 100 motivational talks and workshops to corporations, public and private institutions.

In recognition of her contribution to pushing boundaries, Joanne was honoured as one of the Great Women of Our Time by Women’s Weekly, she also received a Special Commendation from the President, and was inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame.

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