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13th Sep
11:00am - 12:00pm
13th Sep
12:00pm - 1:00pm
14th Sep
8:30am - 10:30am
14th Sep
10:30am - 12:30pm
14th Sep
8:30am - 12:30pm
13th Sep (Thur) - Concurrent Session, 11:00am to 12:00pm
Marc2 - Marc van Loo.jpg

Dr Marc van Loo

Location: LT E5

CEO, LooLa Adventure Group

About: Dr Marc van Loo came to Singapore in 1991 on an NUS scholarship to pursue a PhD in mathematical physics. He then moved into education, initially in mathematics and physics, where he discovered there is no education more powerful than experiential outdoor education. He, therefore, decided to use the money he earned as a teacher to build LooLa Adventure Resort in Bintan, a resort specializing in educational trips. From the moment LooLa first opened its doors in the year 2000, the resort has always had an emphasis on sustainability and is fully run by local people. LooLa gained numerous (inter)national sustainability awards, notably the World #1 Responsible Tourism operator (London 2015) and Singapore’s most sustainable SME for the last 2 years running.


Workshop Title : Sustainability: the main political and business driver of our century, and how OE will develop into the key educational tool to teach students expertise in it.


Workshop Description: Singapore has recognised the key importance of sustainability to our planet and our country’s continued national success, and it is determined to be a global sustainability leader. In this talk we’ll illustrate that students, teachers and OE practitioners have the power to take the lead in this sustainability revolution and change the world for the better, by showcasing their involvement in a successful sustainability project with global impact: ensure that every villager in SE Asia will have access to life-saving sanitation systems within the next 5 years.

IMG_20180625_190505 - ramli abdul shukor

Abdul Shukor Haji Ramli

Location: E54A

Director, Explora Pte Ltd

About: not exactly old man, but had been seasoned and baked nicely through time in the outdoors. Prefers in a kayak or canoe but forced to be in a forever temporary office, in a shipping container. A true blue Mat here, but when in Malaysia, I am called Otai Saiko. If you see my stomach, no it is not, I have an allergy to nervousness, the giant swamp of butterflies in there.


Workshop Title: Death by Poyoism


Workshop Description: Outdoor trainer have their own attitude, character and mannerism. They own it, they deserve the identity. But some can really drive participants nuts and also began to despise the trainers. There is 'something' in them. I will be sharing my past few years observing trainers, either during quality training audits, coach training or while on courses. I shall share the different behaviours of coaches and attempt as well to share the behavioural outcomes that reflected by participants or client leaders. The session thoroughly will be an engagement with the audience, fun with my acting skills (no academy for this, ehemm) and real science of psychology references. I can't say I know everything, or else, I too have a bucket of poyoism.

MK-2 - Quek Meng Kiang.jpg

Quek Meng Kiang

Location: E54C

Founder, 1.Adventure

About: Physical Education teacher by training, taught in various schools most notably at Maris Stella High School (pri) for 13 years before starting out on his own and founded 1.Adventure 5 years ago. Always felt that Outdoor Education encompasses both adventure education and environmental education and can deliver more than just character education. If scaffolded properly, the strawberry in the generation could be transformed positively to embrace the great outdoors and Nature.


Workshop Title: Taking the strawberry from the generation

Workshop Description: Workshop attempts to address the challenge of getting the children and youths to be comfortable in the outdoors and develop ruggedness. A longitudinal study of a 3 yr progressive approach with survey results will be shared. An open session will be open to the participants to share any of their success stories or pitfalls to avoid.

IMG_1194 - Kok Wee Ang.JPG

Alex Ang

Location: E54E

Subject Head (Student Leadership & Outdoor Education), Northbrooks Secondary School

About: A secondary school teacher from Northbrooks Secondary School for the past 6 years, I've crafted an OE programme for my school that is the Lifelong Learning Programme. We have conducted outdoor activities for the community and to protect the environment. Northbrooks is also the organiser of the annual National Orienteering Race (Schools).


Workshop Title : Design Principles of an Outdoor Programme in a Secondary School


Workshop Description: As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." A successful OE programme in a secondary school can only be achieved with the careful planning of teachers and the assistance of partners from the outdoor industry. No stakeholder can claim to have a monopoly of all outdoor skills and a collaborative approach is critical in raising standards. This outdoor "village" can provide a diaspora of skills and expertise to create a holistic experience for the child.

Dave - Dave Hong.png

Dave Hong

Location: E54G

Manager (Training & Development), Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

About: Dave Hong is an Outdoor Education Trainer and Manager (Training & Development) with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) Pte Ltd. He focuses on using the Great Outdoor to advocate values that are not written on textbooks and creating platforms for learners to step out of their comfort zones. Dave immersed himself in the outdoor adventure industry and has spent the past 11 years working as an adventure-learning instructor, conducted and facilitated numerous annual local and overseas training and hiking expeditions in the neighboring countries. Throughout the years in the outdoor scene, Dave’s niche in training lies in using experiential learning platform to facilitate the learners self discovery, realizing their truest best self.


Workshop Title: Thematic approach to the conventional 3D2N outdoor camp


Workshop Description: The rules have changed and we have rewritten how the conventional camps can be conducted with a twist of story. Using thematic approach to the typical outdoor camps help to engage students and immerse them with a role to play and see progression in that character. In this technological advancing age, our attention span is getting shorter (8 seconds), shorter than a gold fish. How can we better engage our students without losing our foundation? This workshop will enable outdoor educators to relook into programming and how they can create their own story to craft out an experience of their own.

A38192F1-9302-4811-B45E-9DB8AF40960B - H

Hank Yap

Location: E54J

Camp Consultant, Asia Camp Educators Academy

Kulim ECO-TRAIL Retreat

About: Hank Yap holds a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA. He also has three masters degrees in Training, Counselling and Youth Ministry. He currently manages several campsites in Malaysia and is a camp consultant. His involvement in Outdoor Education in Singapore including teaching the Bachelors of Sports and Outdoor Recreation from Monash University while he was a Senior Lecturer in TMC Academy in Singapore.


Workshop Title: Pathways for Development as an Outdoor Educator in 7 Countries: A Personal Experience


Workshop Description:  Hank will share from his personal experience the different pathways available as an outdoor educator in 7 different countries around the world. These pathways include qualifications and non-qualification courses that can enhance and widen one’s perspective as an outdoor educator. Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to learn and understand courses that is available out of Singapore, for personal development. Besides broadening the horizon of outdoor educators, this workshop will also share on the cost, time and value for taking these courses. Hence, the outcome is that participants will get to make informed choice on personal development at the end of the workshop. 

Yen Kai CRC Photo.png

Lye Yen Kai

Location: Indoor Walkway Between E5 & E6

MD, Pivotal Learning & Pivotal Youth

About: Yen Kai been in the industry since 1990. He is known for his passion with regards to innovative utilisation of challenge course and activities for in-depth learning. He loves to push the boundary in facilitation of learning such that he ventures into Process Facilitation and latest into Organisational Development.


Workshop Title : Simple as ABC


Workshop Description: As much as going to conferences is about accumulating concept, framework as well as knowledge. To be true the the real essence of Adventure Education ... "FUN IS NOT ONLY NECESSARY, IS ESSENTIAL" (Karl Rohnke, Quick Silver, 1997), what about accumulating a set of activities that can be easily used in both indoor / outdoor setting!! Come and learn to use SCRABBLE CARDS to conduct a range of games!!!! Plus explore what are possible debriefing topics!!

Akiko Nomura 2.jpg
Jaime Wong.jpg

Dr. Akiko Nomura & Jaime Wong

Location: E54L



Dr Akiko Nomura, Medical Director, Assistance Services, Singapore and Philippines

Dr Akiko Nomura is in charge of the delivery of medical assistance for International SOS’ scholastic clients. Besides having hands-on experience in Singapore, Akiko also spent 2 years in the IndoChina region as the Medical Director based in Thailand. She is a fully qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon by training and graduated from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Akiko is fluent in Japanese, English and French.


Jaime Wong, Coordinating Security Manager - Asia Pacific

As a Coordinating Security Manager - Asia Pacific in International SOS and Control Risks, Jaime is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of security advice and assistance within the Asia-Pacific region, Jaime supervises the service delivery of a team of security specialists providing security and crisis management input to cases and advice to trip participants and corporate travellers. She is also part of a team that assists in the maintenance of operational capability and readiness, having carried out evacuation planning for clients in countries such as Bangladesh, Malaysia and South Korea.


Jaime holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS).


Workshop Title : Protecting Your Students When A Natural Disaster Strikes


Workshop Description: Natural disasters such as earthquakes happen all too often in Asia. Are you prepared to respond appropriately and keep your students safe if a natural disaster strikes during your field trip? Find out during our simulation exercise facilitated by our medical and security experts, and learn the best practices before your next field trip.

13th Sep (Thur) - Concurrent Session, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Delane Lim.png

A/P Delane Lim

Location: LT E5

Executive Director, Character & Leadership Academy Ltd

About: A/P Delane Lim is currently the Executive Director of Character & Leadership Academy, a youth leadership development charity that advocates youth suicide prevention and youth coaching. He is also Executive Director of Formwerkz Singapore focusing on future technologies through an integrated design and digital collectives. Certified as a challenge course manager under ACCT and an adventure therapy specialist, he uses adventure and outdoor learning platforms to conduct life coaching and behavioral interventional programmes. Prior to this, Delane was the former Chief Executive for FutuReady Asia and Agape Group Holdings


Workshop Title: Staying Relevant, Ready and Rapid in Future Experiential & Outdoor Learning


Workshop Description: The State of Today's Outdoors Learning determines the fate of Tomorrow's learners. How do we re-examine what outdoor learning and adventure education should look, fee and be like and how our technological landscape has made it less attractive for the current generation to participate.

Location: E54C
Location: E54C
Location: E54A
Boss - Wendy Tan.jpg

Andrew Chua

Location: E54A


About: Andrew CHUA has over 10 years of experience in adventure learning. He is one of the pioneer facilitators that populated integration of action-oriented and interactive experiential learning modules into mainstream programmes like Teambuilding Challenge, Situational Leadership, The Leadership Challenge, The Learning Organisation and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. This has effected a transformation in learning within the corporate arena. Andrew has designed and facilitated in programmes specific to client’s objectives like conflict management, problem solving, values integration and shared vision.


Workshop Title: SEA Operations


Workshop Description: SEA Operations, Safety and protocols of operating in Sea

Location: E54C
Location: E54C
Location: E54A
_MG_9439 - Danny Toh.JPG

Danny Toh

Location: E54L

GM, Pivotal Youth

About: Danny started his journey in outdoor education since 2005. Since then, his belief that outdoor and adventure education as one of the most powerful platforms for deep learning has continuously been reinforced.


Workshop Title: Introduction to the Czech Way of Experiential Learning



Workshop Description:  Experience some of the essence of Dramaturgy - the Czech Way of Experiential Learning. Dramaturgy is much more than drama, but what is it really? This unique method was home grown in the Czech Republic, in isolation, during the Communist era.  Based on Greek philosophies of holistic development, the methodology also assumes a constraint of space and time, and therefore is very applicable to the Singapore context, where wilderness is of short supply.  Hear Danny share about his experience of it when he attended INTERTOUCH 2017 in the OB-Czech and experience for yourself a snippet of dramaturgy.

Location: E54C
Location: E54C
Location: E54A
IMG_0888 - mezzaine.JPG

Lizda Riyana

Location: Indoor Walkway Between E5 & E6

Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

About: Liz is Chatty (all the time). Funny (at times). Serious (some times). A lecturer with the Adventure Learning Centre in RP for nearly a decade, Liz's life largely revolves around the work that she do, she is mother, nagger, store packer, grass cutter, pots cleaner, food deliverer and many more. To know more, you can come chat me up at the conference!


Workshop Title: Sense of Place, a PFP Experience


Workshop Description: This workshop shares how we incorporate the topic 'Sense of Place' in a PE/OE module for post secondary school students. Having limited curriculum time per week, the art of planning and letting go is key to this journey.

Location: E54A

Khairol Hisham

Location: E54C

Head of Student Development, Singapore Institute of Management International Academy

About: Khairol was raised a city slicker and his love affair with the outdoors probably started at age nineteen when some friends convinced him to come along for a walk in the woods. It turned out to be a less than forgettable experience and he was drawn by the possibilities that the outdoors offer for him to develop as a person. Khairol has been working as a teacher over the last 20 and has taught in state schools, a specialised independent school and he is at present teaching in an international school. He counts himself fortunate for having embarked on many adventurous journeys with his students, from whom he had learnt important life lessons. At home, Khairol is a father to a rambunctious pre-primary schooler and an angsty pre-teen, both of whom he loves to bits. He has gone a few more walks into the woods since he was nineteen.


Workshop Title: Thinking aloud on paper - The Power of Journalling the Expedition Experiences


Workshop Description: The presenter will share his experiences taking students on journey-based wilderness journeys and how students are made to journal their expedition experiences. For students on journey-based wilderness programs, journaling is a useful tool to encourage deep reflection that promotes their personal growth. By recording and describing experiences, feelings, and thoughts, students return to their experiences and gain new perspectives that can guide future actions. Whilst Journal writing is still very much an experimental tool, it should be viewed as a work in progress or a process by which students learn to reflect and, we hope, move from reflection-in-action to reflection-for-action. The presenter will provide examples of journal writing to showcase how students, participating on adventurous journeys evaluate their actions, review and reflect on how they should act in future.

Location: E54A
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at

Loh Chee Hwa

Location: E54E

Head, Programme & Training, Better Trails

About: Scouting sparked my passion for the outdoors. Began exploring the field of outdoor education in early 2000s. Previously a qualified trainer for adventure facilities conducting licensing training for teachers & instructors, i also spent 6yrs as an adventure facilities manager in one of the MOE adventure centre. Currently, im a ACCT CCM. A shift in OE from adventure to environmental focus also made me pursue a training as Master Educator in the USA-based Leave No Trace programme & also a graduate under the Expert track of a UNEP MOOC marine litter programme. Currently leads the programme & training function of Better Trails, a social enterprise set up to promote outdoor ethics.


Workshop Title: Outdoor Ethics in Outdoor Education



Workshop Description:  Will we still be able bring our participants out to enjoy the outdoors in the future? Come for a self-check to see if you can do better in organising your next low impact OE programme. We shouldn't be loving our outdoors to death. Let's make OE more sustainable.

Location: E54A
Chee Hwa
Roslan Saad - Roslan Saad.jpg

Roslan Sa'ad

Location: E54G

HOD PHE/CCA, Shuqun Primary School

About: 1997 Started Teaching, 2000 Selected for OBS Overseas Youth Programme Overseas Training Award (27-Day Outward Bound Classic Challenge Course in Australia). Bachelor in Human Movement (Honours) from University of Tasmania
Has been in Shuqun Primary School since 2005. 2013 Niche status in OE 2014 LLP OE. Lead the LLP programme in 2015 with the introduction of OE Carnival.


Workshop Title: Outdoor Education @ Shuqun Primary School


Workshop Description: Outdoor Education in SQPS engages the students’ spirit of adventure through exploring both natural and urbanised environments, starting with the local context, and extending it to other unfamiliar, outdoor locations. The framework for Outdoor Education in SQPS is based on the 3Ls of Learn, Live and Lead whereby students are progressively taught speci=c outdoor and life skills through various programmes at the learning stage. They are given opportunities to apply these skills in authentic settings such as thematic level based camps at the living stage. Students with keen interest and aptitude in OE are further stretched at the Lead stage by learning to become advocates for OE and environmental education. Through this 3 tiered approach, students across all 6 levels are given the opportunity to develop outdoor skills that enable them to move comfortably, con=dently and safely over different terrains. In addition to learning about designing a targeted approach for students to be exposed to and experience OE, schools can also learn how to get students to identify, assess and manage risks to self and others as they learn to interact responsibly with and care for the environments they explore as they build character, leadership and the spirit of adventurism.

Location: E54A
Location: E54A
IMG-20180827-WA0001 - Yoke Wee Kuang.jpg

Artt & Nina

Location: E54J

Outdoor Adventure Educator, DFOALC, MOE

About: Artt and Nina are Outdoor Adventure Educators based at MOE DFOALC. Their work involves designing and leading student camp experiences for school cohort camps.


Workshop Title: A Visitor or an Explorer?


Workshop Description: "It's not about the destination, it's the journey that matters." What are the key ingredients that make a journey an impactful learning experience? Is it enough just to get to the destination and back safely? This workshop looks at principles that will guide practitioners to design authentic journey experiences that allow students to have the agency to create their own adventure.

Artt & Nina
14th Sep (Fri) - Post Conference Workshop, 08:30am - 10:30am
Yen Kai CRC Photo.png

Lye Yen Kai

Location:Indoor Walkway Between E5 & E6

MD, Pivotal Learning & Pivotal Youth

About: Yen Kai been in the industry since 1990. He is known for his passion with regards to innovative utilisation of challenge course and activities for in-depth learning. He loves to push the boundary in the facilitation of learning such that he ventures into Process Facilitation and latest into Organisational Development.


Workshop Title: Peak Experience, Letting the Experience Speaks for Itself


Workshop Description: This session focus on deepening practitioner application to one crucial concept in Experiential Learning - PEAK EXPERIENCE. With a deeper understanding of PEAK EXPERIENCE, practitioners can design activities in both indoor and outdoor that can be independent of venue constraints.

Allan Lee_SHL - Allan Lee.jpg

Allan Lee

Location: E54A

Senior Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

About: Allan Lee has been involved in the training and development-related profession for 25 years. His other industry experiences include HRM, OD and business development. His specialities are outdoor leadership and games leadership. As Head of Standard and Accreditation in OLAE, he led the development of OLAE’s Standards of Industry Practices.


Workshop Title: OLAE Standard Sharing Session


Workshop Description: In March 2018, OLAE published its first edition of the Standards of Industry Practices. These standards show what some previously thought impossible is achievable - that the industry can come together, set aside differences and arrive at mutual agreement on what is needed to keep our industry relevant. This document is a crucial step towards improving the professionalism of our industry. Allan will share on the 2-year journey leading up to the development and realization of this first-of-its-kind outdoor standards document in Singapore, and how OLAE’s approach towards collaboration is and shall be based on respectful engagement, constructive debate and committed consensus.

halim - Abdul Halim Mohamed Anwar.jpg

Abdul Halim Bin Mohamed Anwar

Location: E54C

Senior Teacher, Greendale Secondary School

About: Halim is a Senior Teacher (PE) with 10 years of teaching experience. He mooted the idea of Outdoor Adventure Education as a key programme which started since 2012. He leverages on technology to teach OE and is currently exploring using AR/VR for lessons.


Workshop Title: Outdoor Adventure Education - A School's Perspective


Workshop Description: Participants will get an insight on how Greendale Secondary promotes Outdoor Adventure Education for students via the various programmes targeted at the different levels and CCAs. Unfortunately, there is a gap between the teacher training at NIE and what is expected to be delivered in school as according to the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan. The speaker will show how these gaps can be closed with the assistance of the outdoor practitioners.

On Arthur's Seat - Michelle Ow.jpg

Michelle Ow

Location: E54E

Associate Mindfulness Coach, Centre for Mindfulness

About: Michelle has benefitted personally from mindfulness practice, supporting her in being aware of taking a pause, before responding to situations. In the process of practicing mindfulness, she has also become more compassionate towards self and others, enhancing her competency as a facilitator, trainer and coach. Through her experience in being mindful, she feels encouraged to share this with the people she interacts with, and thus began her journey to teach mindfulness. Michelle has been conducting training and facilitation since 1999, and has worked with numerous organisations, both supporting youth and adult development. She actively blends her training curriculum with both outdoor and indoor elements, creating a seamless cycle of learning and application, especially in abstract areas such as core values and character development, eventually focusing on leadership development. She partners values-centric individuals and organisations who are on the journey of transformation, from the inside out.


Workshop Title: Mindfulness in Outdoor and Adventure Learning


Workshop Description: You've probably heard the word "Mindfulness" being mentioned, or used, during conversations, or seen it posted on various websites and articles in the recent times. This session aims to share a little bit about what mindfulness is, how it is practiced secularly and how it complements Outdoor and Adventure Learning. We will be sharing some research findings on mindfulness as well as some practices that you can immediately take away and start practicing with yourself and your team.

IMG_9261 - Eugene Chua.JPG

Eugene Chua

Location: E54G

Technical Consultant, Exponent Challenge Technology Asia Pte Ltd

About: SMF Category 2 Instructor since 2001, Head Trainer for ACCT Certification, IFSC National Chief Judge, Managing Director of Climbers Laboratory


Workshop Title: Evolvement of Belay Devices


Workshop Description: A workshop sharing about the evolvement of tradition belay devices, with technology advancement, changes the way practitioners uses gears that help in bringing the safety aspect to a higher level. Presentation on tradition carabiner and sticky plate to passive or active assisted braking devices (ABD) will be shared

14th Sep (Fri) - Post Conference Workshop, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Picture1 - Ai Chin Tan.jpg

Tan Ai Chin

Location: E54A

Programme Chair, DOAL Republic Polytechnic

About: Ai Chin’s interest in quality learning and teaching in outdoor education sustains her in the different roles she play; this includes curriculum designer, teacher, administrator, manager, researcher, peer coach, event organizer, and curriculum reviewer. She works with her colleagues and the outdoor industry to create and deliver modules in DOAL, which include climbing and abseiling, outdoor leadership, adventure education, challenge course management, and environmental interpretation. In her previous job in Outward Bound Singapore, she designed and delivered overseas programmes as well as technical skills training. She is also sustained by her interest in training and development of outdoor educators—she enjoys designing and delivering training for educators in areas such as special needs, PAL, mentoring and experiential learning. She also trains and certifies new climbing instructors and kayaking instructors. She has been fortunate to design, lead and/or be attached to overseas programmes in Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, South Africa, Mongolia, Thailand, Taiwan, East and West Malaysia, Sichuan and Beijing. They allowed her to appreciate the diversity in outdoor education operations and practices. The mother-of-two is also grateful to be awarded Outstanding Facilitation Of The Year in RP and the Public Service Star Service.


Workshop Title: Staff Training: Relooking at Transfer of Learning and Workplace Learning



Workshop Description: This interactive workshop discusses with participants about purposes, effectiveness and challenges they experienced in staff training-- whether as an employee receiving training or a training manager. Ai Chin then proposes alternative ways to look at workplace learning and how the "learning" in the transfer of learning is less an object or more a process. Perhaps with a relook at these concepts, there could be more effective and efficient development of staff.

Danny 2
14th Sep (Fri) - Post Conference Workshop, 10:30am - 12:30am
_MG_9439 - Danny Toh.JPG

Danny Toh

Location: Indoor Walkway Between E5 & E6

General Manager, Pivotal Youth

About: Danny started his journey in outdoor education since 2005. Since then, his belief that outdoor and adventure education as one of the most powerful platforms for deep learning has continuously been reinforced.


Workshop Title: Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Facilitation, What It Is REALLY?


Workshop Description:  PAL Programmes has been implemented in schools for a while now, but the questions that teachers and practitioners ask in the initial phase, is still being asked today. “What are the questions to ask? How do I leverage on teachable moments? What exactly is PAL? Is what am I doing PAL or not PAL?” With these questions in mind, Pivotal Youth would like to share our perspective on what has worked and what has not worked for us and teachers that we have interacted with. So what is PAL really about and how does it look like in the classroom?

MK-2 - Quek Meng Kiang.jpg

Quek Meng Kiang

Location: E54C

Founder, 1.Adventure

About: Physical Education teacher by training, taught in various schools most notably at Maris Stella High School (pri) for 13 years before starting out on his own and founded 1.Adventure 5 years ago. Always felt that Outdoor Education encompasses both adventure education and environmental education and can deliver more than just character education. If scaffolded properly, the strawberry in the generation could be transformed positively to embrace the great outdoors and Nature.


Workshop Title: Scaffolding the experience


Workshop Description: With MOE OE master plan that had already been rolled out and many schools are already proactively designing their OE curriculum, this workshop aims to help teachers and partitioners and even individuals to prepare adequately for the outdoors.

Selamat & Hiap Iuh - armpitonfire77.jpg

Selamat Jufri &Chew Hiap Iuh 

Location: ALC Climbing Wall

Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

About: Hiap Iuh and Selamat are lecturers serving Diploma of Outdoor & Adventure Learning, module chairs for Climb & Abseil AE and Challenge Course Management respectively.


Workshop Title: Simi ABD?


Workshop Description: "The use of Assistance Belay Device (ABD) and verification is mandatory in some of the climbing gyms In Singapore. In keeping with the industry practices, RP progresses to exposure students to ABD usage in the DOAL curriculum and Adventure Learning Club (AL Club). Should we also allow ABDs for adventure education-based activities i.e team bonding through climbing activity? This workshop serves to share some of our considerations and findings for the use of ABDs in RP context. Participants will be expected to participate in a climbing activity using a variety of ABDs."

14th Sep (Fri) - Post Conference Workshop, 8:30am to 12:30pm
Edzra Iskandar - Edzra Iskandar.jpg

Edzra Iskandar

Location: E54E

HOD PE/CCA, Bedok South Secondary School

About: Edzra has been teaching PE for 25 years teaching in Secondary Schools. He has also served as an Outdoor Education Officer in CCA Branch and PSOEB. Edzra is actively promoting the use of the outdoors among teachers. He is an ardent Outdoorsman and an active advocate for Nature Conservation.


Workshop Title: Making Sense of it all. Clarity when designing integrated OE programmes in school.


Workshop Description: OE and AE have become a proven and effective pedagogy for delivering some of the outcomes of education. Educators and service providers have been designing/delivering activities and camp programmes for students and participants locally and overseas. As such, programmes may be conducted across levels throughout the year.


Some programmes are very activity and outcome specific. Some programmes may be infusing/integrating outcomes from other areas not normally associated with OE and AE programming. Funding now comes from various sources and partners/stakeholders may come from non-traditional areas.


How do OE/AE programmers in school design programmes in schools to take account of the different outcomes that they need to achieve? How do programmers avoid duplicating outcomes from different programmes? How do programmers decide what to do when to do it and how? This session hopes to answer this questions as he discusses his challenges when designing OE/AE programmes in school.

14th Sep (Fri) - Post Conference Workshop, 08:30am - 12:30pm
me photo - Samantha Lim.jpg

Samantha Lim

Location: ALC,  Challenge Rope Course

Trainer, Psychology of Education Specialist, Pivotal Youth & Little Pivotal

About: Samantha is an experiential learning trainer and facilitator with Pivotal. With a background in psychology and education, she actively seeks opportunities and creates platform to help participants learn more effectively. In the recent years, she has been supporting several schools with the design of lesson plans, infusing concepts from Kouzes & Posner's The Leadership Challenge (TLC) and Social-emotional Learning (SEL) competencies to engage the students through activities while creating greater personal leadership awareness.


Workshop Title: The Leadership Challenge x Challenge Rope Course


Workshop Description: Just as the title says it, this session looks into integrating TLC (The Leadership Challenge) with CRC (Challenge Ropes Course). Get ready to get up and going (or hanging!), not on your own, but with a team and see how TLC unfolds in the context of CRC.


Note: You will be doing the actual climbing and abseiling etc in this session!!!


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at 15.33.49 -

Jessica Gwee

Location: Swimming Pool

Head Coach & Chairman of the Canoe Slalom

About: Jessica is a Registered Nurse, qualified kayaking coach and an Ex-National Whitewater Canoe Slalom athlete. She has competed and won medals in the South East Asian as well as Asian level. Currently, Head coach and Chairman of the Canoe Slalom Discipline in Singapore, she aspires to present Canoe Slalom as a lifestyle and object lesson sport through fun and games. She is a passionate coach who is dedicated to promoting Canoe Slalom. She has worked with adults and children of all ages, taking them for outdoor overseas travel as well as involvement in the safety, planning and conducting of programmes, from water sports, team building, to other health-related training. Jessica’s passion for learning, Coaching and friendly persona allows her to share and appreciate the difficulties and hurdles that participants may encounter in the classroom as well as in the great outdoors. Thus, she is able to give value to Canoe Slalom as a lifestyle and object sport. Experience a new level of Canoeing - Canoe Slalom with Jessica!


Workshop Title:  Experience a new level of Canoeing - Canoe Slalom with Jessica!


Workshop Description: Learn Canoe Slalom as a lifestyle and object lesson sport through fun and games. Introduction to the game of Canoe Slalom: Canoe Slalom is an Olympic Sport played in Whitewater. Slalom means: to zigzag between obstacles (Gates - 2 poles suspended over water to form a doorway). Canoe Slalom is to weave between gates in the fastest time and as accurately as possible without touching the gates. For the uninitiated, Canoe Slalom will give you a solid foundation to prepare you for any form of canoeing. For the intermediate and advance canoeist, brush up canoeing skills and challenge your strategic mind, mental focus and physical endurance to prepare you for the resilient person you are!


Note: You will be doing the actual paddling & etc in this session!!!


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