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The Outdoor Learning & Adventure Education (OLAE) Association was registered on 25 February 2016. OLAE represents any person or organisation involved in the design and delivery of outdoor learning and adventure education programmes in Singapore i.e individual outdoor education practitioners well as the outdoor education companies. OLAE aims to provide leadership, representation and advocacy for the outdoor learning and adventure education industry in Singapore. OLAE also aims to promulgate industry-specific standards and accreditation for practitioners and member organisations. OLAE aims to facilitate growth in industry professionalism and present the industry as a viable career path.


OLAE supports the growth and success of the outdoor industry through its focus on government policies, sustainability, outdoor learning and adventure education insights, industry trends and youth engagement. OLAE will be hosting industry based events and workshops which delivers education, tools and resources to help its members grow and succeed in the dynamic and ever-changing outdoor learning and adventure education marketplace.


OLAE unites and serves members who work and impart learning in the outdoors. We are a non-profit trade association that exists to support the industry through the following methods:

Powerful Voice


We create a powerful voice at the industry level for policies that will impact the outdoor learning and adventure education practice. 





We engage the industry, stakeholders as well as participants on key issues that will impact the health of our industry 





We research and educate on important topics and changing industry trends



Inspire & Navigate


We inspire and provide pathways for a new generation of outdoor learning and adventure education practitioners. 



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