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This Code of Ethics and Conduct serves as a frame of reference for organisational and the individual members registered with the Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education (OLAE) Association. It articulates the expected ethical conduct of all Association members, and their agreement and commitment to industry practices and behaviours when dealing with and providing programmes and services to the public, clients and participants.


This Code of Ethics and Conduct will:

  1. Outline the ethical considerations of members of the Association in the conduct of its businesses and programmes for their participants.

  2. Establish the guidelines for professional behaviour and conduct.

  3. Provide a basis in reviewing and addressing ethical concerns and complaint of misconduct


As members of the Association, we are expected to observe the following:

Organisational Excellence

Strive and adhere to highest standards of organisational excellence.
















Professional Responsibility

Act with honesty, integrity and fairness and take responsibility for maintaining the quality of professional practice.

















Client Relationship

Demonstrate commitment, duty of care and professionalrelationship with their clients and participants.

















Care for Environment

Practice and promote sustainability and responsible use of the environment we operate in.








OLAE Community

Act in the best interest of the OLAE community in Singapore.







  • Follow and stay updated with the common practices within the Association.

  • Reflect accurately our services and expertise in all forms of marketing.

  • Refrain from making negative statements, without basis or foundation, about fellow Members or competitors.

  • Refrain from business practices that are unprofessional or brings disrepute to the Association.

  • Provide adequate and relevant professional development training for our staff.

  • Act in accordance with all relevant government legislation and regulations.





  • Maintain, update and upgrade ourselves with training, competence and accumulate relevant professional experience.

  • Accept only work that fits within our competencies and experience.

  • Help new or junior members to achieve the desired level of professional excellence required by the Association.

  • Refrain from making negative statements, without basis or foundation, about the quality or services of fellow members.

  • Refrain from behaving in a manner that is unprofessional or brings disrepute to the Association.

  • Fulfil promised professional obligations to clients.

  • Respect intellectual property rights.





  • Preserve the safety of our participants through proper risk analysis and management of the programme.

  • Be sensitive to the cultural, religious and social needs of our participants.

  • Strive to provide meaningful experiences for our participants.

  • Maintain confidentiality of information exchanged, incidents/accidents and participant personal information.

  • Not use our authority and relationships developed during aprogramme or immediately after it, to take advantage of participants in personal endeavours, including romantic or financial relationships.





  • Respect the the wildlife and natural environment for a meaningful experience.

  • Introduce learning from the outdoors with minimal impact to the natural surroundings.







  • Comply with the constitution of the Association.

  • Be a role model for the Association.

  • Advocate for the cause of the Association.

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