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The Association’s logo is a trademark and the property of OLAE. However, OLAE may grant a license to use the OLAE member logo to its Organization Members in good standing upon approval. Only Organization Members who have maintained their paid membership in the Association will be authorized use of the OLAE organization member logo. Organization Members will not be authorized to use any other logo or trademark that is the property of OLAE.


Organization Members in good standing may be authorized to use the OLAE member logo for the purpose of identifying their membership in OLAE. The OLAE member logo may not be used in any manner to imply that a member is in any way an agent of OLAE or that OLAE in any way warrants, approves, or endorses any product or service provided by the member. Organization Members may be allowed to use the member logo on business cards, letterhead, websites, and brochures with written successful approval of the OLAE Logo Usage application. The OLAE logo may not be used by member organizations on commercial products, which include hats, tee shirts, coffee mugs, or other similar products.


All other levels of OLAE Membership are prohibited from using the OLAE member logo or from allowing their employer to use the OLAE member logo. Anyone who uses the OLAE member logo without written permission from OLAE will be in violation of this policy and subject to legal action.


If permission is granted to use the member logo, the OLAE member logo should be printed using the OLAE member logo received from OLAE and not a newly rendered logo. The logo can be used in colour, black and white or grayscale. The right to use the OLAE member logo shall terminate and be revoked upon the authorized member’s failure to remain in good standing, a change in membership level, in the event of misuse by the member as determined by OLAE, or any other breach of this Policy for Use. Upon such termination and/or revocation, the unauthorized member will remove the OLAE member logo from all materials, products, and services, regardless of whether such materials, products, and services are preprinted or preexisting at that time. Legal action can be taken against anyone who uses the OLAE member logo in violation of the above policy

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