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On 24 March 2018, OLAE completed its Standards for Industry Practice - 1st Edition. 

Since launch, hardcopies of the standards have been distributed to relevant parties and partners. OLAE has conducted multiple Standards Sharing Sessions to reach out to the Industry.


To obtain a hard copy, please write to

Creating a set of Industry Standards is important to inform and guide our work practices. These standards serve to raise the professionalism of practitioners and organisations. It is the basis upon which Organisational Members may be accredited as Professional Members, and is a resource for the professional certification of Practitioner Members.

The OLAE Industry Standards development process took about 34 months to complete, resulting in the First Edition. OLAE believes in building consensus - instead of having a few experts to craft the standards, industry stakeholders were encouraged to contribute their inputs. Thus, multiple perspectives could be considered.

The infographic below illustrates the process and stages of development:

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