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Every year, thousands of students and young adults in Singapore are impacted by Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education annually. This mode of learning and recreation have long been recognised as key enablers in building character and instills resilience in our future generations. The Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education Association is the only trade association and voice of the outdoor adventure education industry. To meet the growing and diverse needs of our industry, OLAE is focused on helping members keep pace with a world that is constantly changing. Please visit our Membership Page for joining and benefit details and get involved! 

Industry Standards & Accreditation



  • To establish and maintain industry standards and guiding principles. 

  • To implement a framwork to objectively maintain the excellence of the industry practice. 



Resource Management & Sustainable Business Environment


  • To provide resource management and optimisation support for members 

  • To maintain sustainable use of and accessibility to natural outdoor venues and environment.

  • To provide support to businesses by enhancing productivity through new technologies for members. 



Talent Development and Career Pathways



  • To establish personal development opportunities based on industry standards and provide support in career development 

  • To promote employment and engagement of services by qualified practitioners. 

  • To promote the awareness of the industry and enhance the professional standing of the practitioners.



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