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Industry & Consumer Insights

OLAE members have access to market and consumer intelligence and industry updates, including engagement with policy makers, focus group discussions, research and studies, economic impact updates and much more.


Education & Events

Staying competitive means staying ahead of the latest trends, honing your skills and networking with your peers. OLAE members can participate in a variety of education and events.


Brand Recognition

Are you doing all you can to get in front of the right people? OLAE provides a variety of ways for you to reach industry practitioners and consumers.


  • Press Releases – Post your press releases in our upcoming news section, which will be one of the active page of the OLAE website. Press releases also appear on the OLAE home page.

  • OLAE Organization Member Directory – This member-only directory lists all of our member company names, websites and general information.

  • Sponsorships/Advertising – OLAE members receive special consideration for event sponsorships and special rates for advertising in our publications. To learn more, contact us.



From policy maker engagement, to grassroots efforts, OLAE works to promote equitable and predictable trade policies, increase support in capability development and provide direction for policies on public lands and waters that support active use for learning. We have various working committees that are being formed to look at such ongoing concerns for the industry.  

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