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OLAE association members are practitioners, service providers, programmers, teachers, leaders, and students involved in outdoor learning and adventure education programs. These programs include all levels of outdoor and adventure based learning and education programs and services. OLAE's vision to onboard over 600 practitioner, student and associate members and 100 organization members with its employees, who in turn serve over 1 million participants each year. 

OLAE association members enjoy networking and communication opportunities through the Association newsletter, conference proceedings, and several online publications. As an OLAE member, you may wish to volunteer to work on a task force and working committee throughout the year to address critical issues that impact the field of outdoor learning and advetnure education. Further, you may wish to run for election on the Executive Committee to help guide the future of the Association.

Any person or organization whose interests are consistent with the mission of the OLAE association may become a member upon application and payment of dues. Certain membership tiers may require some entry requirements, please do find out more at our information of membership tiers.

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