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Recognition as an Industry

April 25, 2016

Featured on Lian He Zao Bao (联合早报) today!


“Due to the broad definition of Outdoor Adventure Education, the industry needs to be able to start off by aligning itself to a set of guidelines for both practitioners and providers inorder to grow our capabilities effectively. Private practitioners and providers look forward to gaining government support for our needs in professional development; and one of our immediate outreach is for Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education to berecognised as a profession and industry. We hope that while MOE continues its efforts to engage the industry players, we will also get support in other ways to elevate and sustain the profession as a whole.” 
- Nicole Chua
Asian Detours - Sales and Marketing Director 
Head of Marketing and Membership for the Outdoor Learning & Adventure Education Association (OLAE)


Much anticipation comes for the Outdoor Adventure Education private practitioners in the talks surrounding the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan as we strive to carve a foothold for ourselves in the industry.


Featured practitioners and providers spoke of the importance of recognition, to level the playing field for all, and also to develop the Outdoor Adventure Education as a viable and rewarding career path. In the development of the Masterplan, it is also essential to engage various parties in the industry to formulate a set of official standards in Outdoor Adventure Education. The guidelines, together with improved dialogue between MOE and private practitioners, will ensure that individual providers are better equipped to supply and enhance their program offering, thus improving the standards of the industry as a whole.


Good news comes as MOE recognizes the need for inclusiveness in the Masterplan - to ensure that the feedback and concerns of the Outdoor Adventure Education private practitioners are taken into consideration.


Let us continue to make our voices heard!

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